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What is Raku Pottery?
Raku Pottery is different from pottery produced in ceramic moulds. It is a one of a kind work of art, rich in history.

Raku is a process of making pottery originated by Japanese artisans over 400 years ago. The clay is a special blend that can withstand the firing and rapid cooling process necessary to produce the beautiful, iridescent colors that cannot be replicated otherwise. The urn must be thrown by hand and fired twice, using great care, in a sealed environment with naturally combustible materials such as leaves and wood chips.


The type of combustibles added during the second firing produce the unique colors associated with Raku artwork. The colors range from gold and silver through metallic copper, pink and peacock blue with burgundy undertones. The finished surface is an earthy texture of sand and clay with a matte to locally glossy luster.


The process is such that no two Raku pieces are exactly alike. Each Raku urn is a unique work of art, derived from the earth which will last a lifetime. What better way to remember your loved one?

Company history
Ashes To is a private business dedicated entirely to the creation of custom urns for pets. Ashes To was started by Sha Moran and passed on to me, her daugher, Mariah Moran in 2008. I learned the art of making Raku pottery from my mother, a potter with 30 years experience, beginning when I was 6 years old.
It gives me great pleasure to help people who are grieving for their lost loved ones while honoring the special nature of the bond that exists between pets and their owners.
The dog that started it all!
Customer testimonials
Please visit our Testimonials Page to see what real customers have to say about our urns!
And for all my customers who have sent me testimonials and beautiful pictures of their beloved pets...I only wish I could display every picture and email.
I do appreciate the photos, your expressions of gratitude, and especially the little things you tell me about your pets that made them unique individuals — it helps inspire me to create even more beautiful art to honor our pets!

When I began this business, I had no idea I would encounter such caring and loving people.