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Dear Ashes To,
I ordered an urn for Kayla, my cat, yesterday on line. I just wanted to let you know I spent a couple hours looking at websites for urns, and when I came across yours, I knew instantly this was the one. They are truly beautiful...they are beautiful because the are unique and because they are made by an artist to become a great piece of art. I am very excited to receive it.
I have to let you know, I am a veterinarian and Kayla was with me for 19 years. That's almost half my life, and she was my first pet and the first I have ever had to put to sleep. I ordered an oak box with a place for her picture for her ashes to be returned in...too distraught to think of other options for urns...and when I got the ashes back, it was awful. She didn't belong in a shiny ordinary oak box. It has bothered me all week. Now she can have an urn of her own to celebrate her uniqueness.
Thanks you much for doing what you do. For people who want ashes returned, I will definitely recommend your site. I didn't understand the importance of an urn until I went through it myself.
Thank you so much.
Jody Berquist, DVM; WI


Dear Ashes To,


I want to thank you a million times over. I just received Oreo's urn today and it is absolutely gorgeous. I've never ordered anything online before, so to be honest, I was a little nervous to see how it turned out. It's perfect.


Since I work for a vet, I brought it with me to work today to have her ashes transferred into it, and everyone commented how beautiful it is. Several people took the cards you sent as well.


Thanks again. I couldn't of asked for anything better for her to rest in.


Raelynn, WA




Dear Ashes To


We received the urn yesterday. It was in perfect shape. You took great care in packaging it. It was beautiful and I placed Brittani in there last night with one of her favorite chew toys and a picture of my other daughter and my wife and I. My wife found a perfect place to set it in the hallway so that she will get the light that she so loved to keep her warm.


We cannot express our joy in the job that you do for those of us that have lost a part of ourselves. Again, many thanks...Just to let you know, I am going to order another similar urn so my daughter can share Brittani’s ashes in the same way we are.


Bob, DE




Dear Ashes To,


Thank you so very much for making Patch's resting place such a beautiful one. He was so special to me and I'm so glad to be able to keep him at home. I knew I wanted to be able to keep him in the open and not hidden away. A traditional urn might offend someone and I think it would be too sad to look at. I'm very pleased with the urn.


Faith, Hawaii




Dear Ashes To,


I received my urn for Tuxedo and it is absolutely beautiful. What a classy resting place for my best girl. It is proudly display on our entertainment center. You did a really awesome job and I am completely satisfied.


I went to my vet's office to show them Tuxedo's urn and they were all amazed at how different and beautiful it looked. I want to get another urn for one of my boys.


Carole, WV




Dear Ashes To,


The urn you created for me is a most fitting memorial for Niña, my beloved Pug. When I opened the box my urn was in and saw how beautifully and lovingly it had been packaged, I knew that the urn itself would be spectacular...and I was right. Other than this testimonial, I don’t know how to thank you for this amazing sculpture which will always be by my bedside and is truly the perfect resting place for my very special Niña.


Silvina, FL




Dear Ashes To,


I received my precious Cali's urn. When I opened the box I couldn't help but cry because it was so beautiful. And, because you just captured her little spirit in your art. …I called her "My Little Princess" because she was so dainty when she walked. You added a crown charm to her urn to honor that memory. Just that one simple addition let me know that you were actually listening as we spoke. Just knowing that her final resting place was created with such love and by someone who truly cares about our little furry ones is helping me cope. Everyone I have shown the urn to has just LOVED it. In fact, I know you will be getting several orders from just my Vet's office alone.


Janice, Fl



Dear Ashes To,


I received the urn today and am very, very pleased with it. I spent many days searching for just the right urn. Something unique, beautiful and classy... kind of like Kelly was. Thank you very much.


Kristi, MN




Dear Ashes To,


We just wanted to extend our profound thanks and gratitude to you. Truthfully, we could not bring ourselves to open the box right away when it arrived. The pawprints on the label, we thought, were such a nice touch. However, when we opened the box, we were totally impressed with your packaging! So, professional. So, very, very nice to receive our urn in packaging that was so beautifully presented. It somehow made what was inside seem not so difficult.


When we did finally open the box, we were surprised at the size of the urn. We expected it to be smaller. The colors and designs came out just as we had envisioned. The charms spelling Keesha's name, the crystals, the pawprint, the bone, and, of course, the golf ball, were beautifully placed and arranged and brought so much warmth and personalization to the piece. Thank you so much for adding the butterfly (to us, symbolizing her flight to doggie heaven) and the Made with Love charm (which it was by you and ordered by us). You even put felt on the bottom. You are so thorough and thoughtful. It is obvious that you are creating these wonderful pieces from your heart and not just for profit.


Truly, ordering Keesha's eternal bed from you has made this difficult decision easier. We cannot thank you enough for the time, effort, thought, and heart you have put into the piece. We know if we had ordered from anywhere else we would not have gotten the warmth and personalization you have put into your product or the professional, caring service.


Bryan and Lynn, R.I.




Dear Ashes To,


I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you did on Mikey's final resting place. It's so beautiful! No one even realizes it's an urn. Mikey resides on our coffee table, surrounded by family photos. I know it sounds morbid, but I've been telling all my friends they should contact you if their pet dies.


Marcie, CA




Dear Ashes To,


Thanks so much for checking, the urn arrived today in perfect condition. We love it and Tater is already in her new home. What I like best is that it's a whimsical tribute to a fun loving dog rather than a somber solution. And we can display it on our bookshelf as a piece of art. Thanks so much!


Leslie, CA




Dear Ashes To,


I read many of the testimonials on your site & wasn't sure what to expect. One woman said she cried when she opened it & I thought it seemed a bit odd. However, I judged far to soon. I was truly touched by the beauty of the piece & knowing my baby girl would rest safely in the urn with me always. I will always treasure your art for Hershey.


Bridget, OK




Dear Ashes To,


Porter's home arrived today and it's absolutely beautiful, thank you very much for your beautiful work and for working with me to customize it the way I wanted to memorialize him.


Thanks again, Margo, ID